New Freshman

Thomas University welcomes applications from traditional first time college students as well as from non-traditional students (students who are not recent graduates from high school) with little or no college level coursework (less than 14 hours). Undergraduate coursework and degree programs are designed to prepare students for professional careers. Students learn from faculty who are excellent in their discipline and as teachers who interact with each student and pay attention to individual learning styles in every class. TU faculty are dedicated to student success by offering a high level of academic support services and by providing academic advising that helps students reach personal and professional goals.

Through the Office of Student Life, Thomas University offers students a variety of student life activities to accommodate a range of interests. The Student Life Center is located on TU’s West Campus which is also home to the newly renovated Nighthawk basketball gymnasium, a state-of-the-art student fitness center open to all students, and a cutting-edge sports medicine facility. TU offers men’s and women’s varsity sports as well as junior varsity sports. Apply Now!

Traditional first-time, first-year applicants who do not have SAT/ACT scores may still be eligible for admission to Thomas University

  • The SAT/ACT requirement is waived for non-traditional first-time, first-year freshmen (A non-traditional First-time, First-year freshmen is classified as an applicant with no or little — under the 14-hour transfer credit requirement — previous college coursework who are not recent high school graduates.) Non-traditional applicants who have SAT/ACT scores can submit them for consideration of placement, but are also subject to take the COMPASS exam for English and Math course advisement.

Important Message for Out-of-State Applicants:

Every state government regulates whether universities located in other states can enroll students in online programs.  This process is called “state authorization.”  Some states do not allow their students to enroll students in online programs at outside universities at all; other states charge the outside universities high fees to enroll even one student from that state.  For this reason, Thomas University may not be able to enroll students from outside Georgia in every online program we offer.  We accept students from as many states as possible. Please contact Admissions at to find out if your state is authorized for Thomas University.